Arriving and getting acclimated before our hike
29-30 June 2006

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1. Kate & Molly's train ride to Gstaad
10. Lunch in Gstaad
11. Judy & Maida on the trail to Gstaad
12. Kristna in a roadside children's hut
13. Tanya arriving in Gstaad, getting on the Lauenen bus
14. Evening view in Lauenen
15. Our first of many meals together
2. Molly on the train to Gstaad
3. The view from the train
4. Swiss house decor
5. View from the hotel in Lauenen
6. Kristina on hotel balcony
7. Judy pointing to the same balcony
8. Entrance to a Lauenen church we saw on our trek to Gstaad for the day
9. Kristina & Maida on the trail to Gstaad