Before the Hike

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On our way to the hotel we came across 
a sign indicating Albarellis exist outside 
of Alexandria, Virginia. Who knew!

Meeting up with everyone in the hotel. 
Jeanne, Angie, Judy, Kristina,Maida,
Laura and Gnomey (aka Mary).

In looking for a tour to take around I
nnsbruck, we found a place to send 
email. Behold the techno-saavy.

Who could Jeanne be writing to??

Finally, finding a tour we wanted to take, 
we boarded the bus, snapped on our 
headphones and saw Innsbruck.

Evidence of Mary's disturbing obsession 
with Pez figurines.

Angie and Kristina, happy after eating 
ice cream, while waiting for the others 
to come down from the ski slope or 
wherever they were. 

Lori, Angie Ice Cream and Judy. Is that 
ANOTHER ice cream Angie was eating?

Gnomey with her, um, "friend," and of 
course, the undeniably happy SpongeBob.
A Selection of Judy's Pictures:

Another candid picture of Gnomey

Some picture of some Olympic ski thing.  
I was eating ice cream with Angie, so I didn't 
actually see this.

Group shot. Our very first dinner all together.
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